"Green Pear Health organizers reduce stress by allowing patients to have all medical data compiled into a personal health binder and enhance communication techniques."

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GreenPear Health's unique products are recyclable and made with 100% post consumer-wastein the U.S.A.

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Welcome to GreenPear Health

At GreenPear Health, we concentrate on patient education, empowerment and providing you with the tools to better control and organize your medical history profile. By making this important health investment, you are on your way to becoming a healthier and more savvy healthcare consumer.

Have you ever felt that you and your doctor weren’t communicating effectively or that you didn’t understand what the doctor said? That you forgot to ask important questions or mention symptoms you were experiencing?

Patients who are able to take charge of their health issues and are educated regarding their care are more likely to experience healthier medical outcomes and greater satisfaction with their healthcare providers. Patients that successfully communicate with their physicians are also more likely to understand their treatments and adhere to medication regimens.

An average doctor visit lasts between 9 to 16 minutes and studies have shown doctors interrupt patients approximately 18 seconds into the conversation. Recent misdiagnosis figures reached 98,000 largely due to a lack of continuity of care among health providers and ineffective communication.

GreenPear Health Organizers were designed to reduce stress by allowing patients to have all medical data compiled into a personal health binder and the ability to enhance communication techniques. The Organizers are extremely thorough and offer both convenience and peace of mind during a usually stressful time. The unique Health Action Plans further strengthen the patient/physician relationship and allow shared decision making.

Medical records are not always consistent and physicians frequently do not have patient’s complete medical history. Medical errors have risen enormously are in part due to deficient patient knowledge related to their health status and noncompliance with treatment.

Patients must be active, engaged participants in their healthcare management. Increased knowledge and preparation will lead to better decision making strategies and the ability to navigate your health destiny.

Empower. Educate. Communicate. Organize.

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